Windows HOST-PC

There is some open source or for free application to communicate an EXT4 file system under the Windows O/S.
Have tested some apps and found only one for free to transfer files to the EXT4 filesystem without error and there are tiny tips too.
If you know other apps, please share them.

Before copying files, you have to boot the ODROID device with the OS installed SD card first.
The OS will resize the EXT4 root file system to fit the SD card capacity in the first booting process.
1. Flash the OS image with Etcher.
2. Plug the SD card to ODROID.
3. Turn on the device and wait a couple of minutes.
4. Safely shutdown the system by pressing power button.
5. Unplug the SD card from ODROID and connect the SD card to your PC with a card reader.
6. Transfer ROM files in to the SD card.

You can download follow this link https://www.paragon-software.com/home/linuxfs-windows/


Transfer rate decreased to 5 MB/s after 10 days if you want to keep using it for free


  • Step 1. No connection anything EXT4 file system in the system

  • Step 2. Recommand set Off Mount automatically

  • Step 3. Connected SD card and click “Mount”
  • Discovered connection EXT4 file system when connection established with SD card

  • Step 4. Copy files to the SD card directory you want
  • Now that your Windows has recognized the EXT4 file system via the app you can read/write your SD card under the windows explorer

  • Step 5. Remove SD card
You should click “Unmount” on the app first and then “Eject” on the windows explorer before pulling your SD card out

Check the EXT4 file system whether its integrity is okay or not.
If there's a corrupted EXT4 file system after writing files, you should try to verify and make clean.
( Unmount first if it is mounted )

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