Connecting your ODROID-GO-Advance to the wireless network with your USB WiFi module.

Compatible WiFi dongles are sold separately.
WiFi module 0
WiFi module 3
WiFi module 5A

If you have an USB to Ethernet module, you don't need to follow these instructions. When you connect your ethernet cable to your USB to ethernet module, ODROID-GO-Advance automatically connects to the network.

And there is no access point to the ODROID-GO-Advance without debugging port(serial UART) until you connect to a network. So you need the ODROID-GO-Advance mounted UART connector to follow these instructions.

Scan WiFi with nmcli

After connecting your WiFi module to your ODROID-GO, command this instruction.

odroid@goadvance:~$ nmcli dev wifi list


odroid@goadvance:~$ sudo nmcli dev wifi con 'your SSID' password 'your password'

Check your network

odroid@goadvance:~$ ping google.com
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