Getting started for OGU

When using for the first time, the battery may be in deep discharged state out of the box.
Connect all Y cables (Type-A and Type-C together like this picture) to the OGU and use it after charging for a few hours.

“Press and holding the PWR button to turn off” works only when USB (Type-C) power is not connected.
If you press and hold the PWR button when USB power(Type-C) is connected, the device may not boot.
In this case, remove the USB power(Type-C) and press and holding the PWR button to turn off.

After the normal OS soft-shutdown process was completed, the current flowing from the battery terminal was measured.
It was approximately 5.4 mA, the power consumption is considerably higher than that of other ODROID-GO series, which is approximately 700 hours (approximately 3~4weeks) based on a fully charged 4000mAh battery.

After entering recovery mode, press and hold the power button for 6 to 7 seconds to forcibly turn off the power, and the current will drop to 0.1 mA.
This level of power consumption is expected to last for about 10 months. We call it hard-shutdown.

Note that, there is a race-condition issue when we implemented the power circuit with two PMIC chips, so there is no way to enter this mode through software-shutdown only.
Therefore, if the device will not be used for a long time, turn it off using the hard-shutdown method.

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