How to check Battery Charging Status

To make a more accurate battery energy gauge, you need to fully charge and fully discharge the battery one time at least.
This full charge-discharge cycle will automatically calibrate the energy flow calculation coefficient values.

  1. How to check battery charging (1) - Auto Test Mode
  2. Charging Animation

You can enter ODROID Auto Test Mode when you turn on board power while holding down Trigger Left 1 and Trigger Right 1 buttons at the same time.

And then Battery & Charge Test Mode runs firstly and the following display shows on LCD screen.

The followings will be updated periodically on LCD display until you exit Battery & Charge Test using Test Exit Key Combinations.

Battery Connection

The following information is displayed according to the battery connection.

  • BATTERY : Connected
  • BATTERY : Disconnected

USB-C type Power Jack Connection

The following information is displayed according to the connection status of the USB-C type power jack.

  • DC JACK : Connected
  • DC JACK : Disconnected

Charging state

The following information is displayed according to the charging status.


Battery Voltage

This shows battery voltage value in V unit.

  • e.g) BATTERY VOLTAGE : 3.8590 (V)

Charging Current

This shows charging current value in A unit.
If DC Jack is connected & charging is in progress, it's expressed as a POSITIVE value.

  • e.g) CHARGING CURRENT : 0.2340 (A)

Or, if charging is not in progress, a NEGATIVE value (system current consumption) will be shows,
and it's normal operation.

  • e.g) CHARGING CURRENT : -0.7250 (A)

  1. Off State
  2. USB-C Power Jack is connected, then system boots automatically.
  3. If battery voltage is less than 3.47V, extreme low voltage logic starts. (refer to next section.)
  4. If both of battery and power jack are connected, u-boot enters normal charging animation.
  5. With battery voltage 3.47V or higher value, you will have repeated animation display of battery bars.
  6. PWR (red) and ALIVE (blue) LEDs are default on
  7. CHG (red) LED blinks periodically.
  8. If not, booting will be stopped and u-boot keeps charging logic.

If battery voltage level is less than 3.47V, charging animation logic stays in extreme low voltage logic for charging efficiency.

You can increase the charging efficiency of extreme low by using the supplied USB cable.
Connecting both the type-C plug and Type-A plug to the OGU ports maximizes the charging rate.
Simultaneous connection of Type-C/Type-A plugs to the OGU is recommended when the battery is in extreme low state.
In case of normal charge mode, there is no problem with charging just by connecting the Type-C Plug.

  1. Start extreme low voltage logic
  2. When the battery voltage is in extreme low state, the LCD does not turn on and the status can only be checked with the LED.
  3. During Extreme Low battery charging, the CHG LED (red) and ALIVE LED (blue) blink alternately.
  4. If voltage level is higher than 3.5V, extreme low voltage logic exits and normal charging animation starts.
  5. If not, it repeats step 2~4.
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