ODROID-GOU has built-in 16GB emmc.
ODROID-GOU comes with Ubuntu Minimal EmulStation image pre-installed on emmc.
As a result, It is not necessary to flash the image to an SD card. You only need to copy a ROMS file structure and games to your sd card to get started.

This page will show you how to install a new version of the OS or restore emmc.

Download OS image

Release versions Downloads Release-notes Date
v1.1 Ubuntu 20.04 ES image : KR US release-notes 22-09-26
v1.2 Ubuntu 20.04 ES image : KR US release-notes 23-01-09


In order to connect the built-in emmc to the PC, it is necessary to boot the recovery mode on ODROID-GOU.

  • Power off ODROID-GOU.
  • As shown in the image above, press both keys(Trigger Left2 + Trigger Right2) at the same time and Power ON

  • When the recovery splash-screen is displayed, you can release the button.

  • A USB connection message is output with a “RECOVERY MODE” banner.
  • Connect to a PC using a USB-C type cable.

You can easily flash an image to your memory card using Etcher.

Download Etcher here: https://www.balena.io/etcher/

  1. Open Etcher.
  2. Select the downloaded OS image.
  3. Select the inserted ODROID-GOU. (Normally, the memory card is detected automatically.)
  4. Click Flash!

Partition Layout of eMMC

partition Size From(sector #) To(Sector #) Name for Fastboot Partition Name
BL1 / MBR 512B 0 0 -
U-Boot 959.5KB 1 1919 bootloader /dev/block/bootloader
U-Boot Environment 64KB 1920 2047 env /dev/block/env
FAT32 for boot 128MB 2048 264191 - mmcblk0p1
EXT4 for root filesystem - 264192 remaining blocks - mmcblk0p2
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