HOWTO recovery eMMC from SD Boot

This wiki page explains the instructions for recovering emmc through sd card in case eMMC cannot boot.
You can download a pre-built recovery image.

Release versions Release Information Downloads Note
v1.0 (2022/09/26) First release (SEP 26 2022) KR US The First Release

1. Write sdcard_recovery.img to a blank sd card
Once you download the file, flash it to a microSD card with Etcher or 'dd' command something like this.

$ sudo dd if=sdcard_recovery.img of=<device/path/of/your/card> conv=fsync
$ sync

Or, you can flash the recovery image into a microSD card with Etcher on Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

2. Boot from SD card
Insert the SD card into the SD slot of GO Ultra board and turn the system power on while keep pressing the recovery switch on the rear side.
Then, You can boot into recovery mode and connect the device storage to your PC.

Check the following step by step instruction.

A. Completely turn off the device by pressing the power button for 7~8 seconds.
All LEDs on the back of ODROID-Go Ultra are turned off.

B. Insert the microSD card (UHS1 grade is recommended) which has been flashed with the recovery image. It must be worth to try a few different microSD cards.
I tried a few different cards including old Class10 as well as new USH-1 stuff. All of them worked well.

C. Press and hold the recovery button on the back first.

D. Turn on the device by pressing the power button and wait for one or two seconds.
In this stage, the Hardkernel logo and Linux Penguin images appear sequentially on the LCD.
Linux booting logs showed and quickly disappeared. And I could see this screen finally.

E. Release the recovery button on the back.
I had to release the recovery button when the Hardkernel logo image appears.
In this stage, the red LED between the earphone jack and Type-C connector is blinking like heartbeat always. The blue LED is solid on.

F. Connect a type-C USB cable to your PC and the device.

G. Check an storage detection on your PC.

H. I can see a USB storage device on my PC.

If possible, it seems desirable to charge the battery to more than 50% before proceeding with the recovery process.

When I flashed a wrong image into the microSD card, I could reproduce the issue of showing “GX-Chip” in the device manager.
When I didn't insert a microSD card, I could reproduce the issue of showing “GX-Chip” in the device manager.

3. Connect to PC and Installing OS Image
If you have connected odroid-gou to your PC, refer to the page below for the process of installing the OS image.
HOWTO install OS_Image

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