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Line 9: Line 9:
 {{:en:ioboard:mplabxinstaller.png?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:mplabxinstaller.png?400|}}
-Sellect MPLAB IPE.+**Sellect MPLAB IPE.**
 {{:en:ioboard:mplabipeinstall.png?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:mplabipeinstall.png?400|}}
 {{:en:ioboard:mplabipe.png?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:mplabipe.png?400|}}
Line 19: Line 19:
 ==== IPE Settings ==== ==== IPE Settings ====
-Select device and tool+**Select device and tool.**
 {{:en:ioboard:ipeconfig.png?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:ipeconfig.png?400|}}
Line 27: Line 27:
   Tool : PICkit3   Tool : PICkit3
-Connect power to your USB-IOBOARD using microUSB cable.\\ +**Connect power to your USB-IOBOARD using microUSB cable.\\ 
-Then, connect PICkit3.+Then, connect PICkit3.**
 {{:en:ioboard:ioboardwithpickit.jpg?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:ioboardwithpickit.jpg?400|}}
-**Apply && Connect**+**Apply && Connect.**
 {{:en:ioboard:ipeconnect.png?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:ipeconnect.png?400|}}
-Bootloader Download+**Bootloader Download.**
-Select the bootloader hex file.+{{ :en:fw.zip}} 
 +**Select the bootloader hex file.**
 {{:en:ioboard:ipehexfile.png?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:ipehexfile.png?400|}}
-Run Program+**Run Program.**
 {{:en:ioboard:ipeprogram.png?400|}} {{:en:ioboard:ipeprogram.png?400|}}
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