= Overview = the red LED is on for 2 sec, then the red LED is off and the yellow-green LED is on for 2sec, then it is off. this sequence is repeated. Two-color LED flashes alternately. through,the LED driving principle and the basic ADK, ADK IO can know how to use. = Hardware Required = * ADK Board * ADK IO Kit * Mini Breadboard * Cathode Common LED with Dual Color RED and Yellow-green x 1ea * 330 ohm Resistor x 2ea * jumper wires

= Knowledge Base =

Dual Color LED

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. The following Mechanical diagram three different lengths of lead will be able to see that. The longest lead is Cathode of common and the next longest is the anode of the red and It is the shortest, yellow-green of the anode.

  • Symbol

  • Mechanical diagram


Restricts the amount of current that can flow through a circuit. * [http://www.audionotekits.com/resistorcodes.html | 5 band resistor color code calculator] * Symbol = Circuit =

= Schematic =

LED는 정전압 소자이므로 정격 전류 이상의 전류를 공급 할 경우 수명이 감소하거나 파손 될 수도 있습니다. LED의 양극에 직렬로 저항 330옴을 직렬로 추가하여, 10mA 이상의 과전류가 흐르는 것을 방지하므로, LED를 보호 할 수 있습니다. = Video = zwNGtOh6b5M) = Software =

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