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 = Software = = Software =
-* ADK [[br]] +* ADK [[en:br]] 
-svn check out[[br]] +svn check out[[en:br]] 
-http://​dev.odroid.com/​svn/​accessory/​trunk/​ODROIDBluetoothLEDDemo [[br]]+http://​dev.odroid.com/​svn/​accessory/​trunk/​ODROIDBluetoothLEDDemo [[en:br]]
-* Bluetooth [[br]] +* Bluetooth [[en:br]] 
-svn check out[[br]] +svn check out[[en:br]] 
-http://​dev.odroid.com/​svn/​accessory/​trunk/​ODROIDAccessoryLEDDemo [[br]]+http://​dev.odroid.com/​svn/​accessory/​trunk/​ODROIDAccessoryLEDDemo [[en:br]]
 <​code>​ <​code>​