Make your own smart watch


  • Odroid W
  • ODROID-W Docking Board
  • Li-Polymer Battery pack
  • Bluetooth module
  • Buttons
  • Wire and Header pins
  • Watch straps
  • Your android device

You should have 2.2" TFT LCD on the odroid-w.

Build and run ODROID-GEAR Qt application on your odroid-w.

Qt pakage installation.

sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

Get The ODROID-GEAR Qt source.

git clone


cd ODROID-GEAR/Qt_odroidgear
qmake -project

Add following line in the

QT    += network

Make it!


Build and Run ODROID-GEAR Android application on your android device.

How to set up an Android development environment on your Desktop PC

Java jdk pakage installation.

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

Download Android Studio with the Android SDK.

Get odroid gear android source code.

git clone

Run Android studio and import Android_odroidgear project in the ODROID-GEAR repo.
Finally, after connected android device, perform “Run app” of IDE menu or “Shift + F10”