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Android platform build guide for Exynos-4412

How to download and build the Android source code

$ repo init -u -b 4412_4.1.2_master
$ repo sync
$ repo start 4412_4.1.2_master --all
$ ./ odroidu[x,x2,q,q2]
$ repo forall -c git reset --hard 4412_v2.x
$ repo init -u -b 4412_4.4.3_master
$ repo sync
$ repo start 4412_4.4.3_master --all
$ ./ odroidxu platform

* Visit this link to install the repo.

* To get the same version source of this Alpha 2.0 in the future, try below command of tag.

$ repo forall -c git reset --hard 4412_v3.x

How to download the Kernel source code and build

$ git clone -b odroid-3.0.y-android
$ cd linux
$ make odroidu[x,x2,q,q2]_android_defconfig
$ make -j8
$ git clone -b odroid-3.0.y-android
$ cd linux
$ make odroidu[x,x2]_android_442_defconfig
$ make -j8

Write kernel

In the host PC.

#fastboot flash kernel arch/arm/boot/zIamge

Reboot system

In the host PC.

#fastboot reboot