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Although the ODROID-U3 is a cost-effective ARM single-board computer, it sports a quad-core Samsung ARM SoC.
The specifications on the ORDOID-U3 include a Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 1.7GHz SoC, Mali-400 MP with 4 GPU Cores, three USB 2.0 host ports, one 10/100MB Ethernet port, 1080p video output via micro-HDMI, 2GB of LP-DDR2 system memory, eMMC and micro-SD for storage, and supports Debian Wheezy, Ubuntu 14.04 Linux, Arch Linux, Kali Linux and Android Jellybean Operating Systems.

Schematics are available here. ODROID-U3 V05 Schematics ODROID-U3 V02 Schematics


CPU 1.7Ghz Exynos4412 Prime Cortex-A9 Quad-core processor
PMIC MAX77686 Power Management IC from MAXIM
HSIC USB 2.0 Hub USB3503A Integrated USB 2.0-compatible hub / HSIC upstream port from SMSC/Microchip
HSIC Ethernet controller LAN9730 HSIC USB 2.0 to 10/100 Ethernet controller with HP Auto-MDIX from SMSC/Microchip
Audio CODEC MAX98090 is a full-featured and high performance audio CODEC from MAXIM
Protection IC NCP372 Over-voltage, Over-current, Reverse-voltage protection IC from OnSemi.
USB Load switch NCP380 Protection IC for USB power supply from OnSemi.
HDMI conditioner IP4791CZ12 HDMI transmitter interface protector with level shifter from NXP
Connectivity USB Host x 3, Device x 1, Ethernet RJ-45, Headphone Jack
IO Ports GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI(Board Revision 0.5 or higher)
Storage Slot A Micro-SD slot and an eMMC module connector
DC Input 5V / 2A input, Plug specification is inner diameter 0.8mm and outer diameter 2.5mm

Expansion Connectors

The Odroid-U3 povides two expansion sockets which one 8-pin dual row expansion socket “J4” and other 4-pin dual row socket “J5”. The location and pinout of these connectors is illustrated blew.
All signals on expansion headers are 1.8V level

J4 - 2×4 pins(IO Port #1)

Pin Number Net Name GPIO & Export No Pin Number Net Name GPIO & Export No
1 XEINT_8 GPX1.0 (#199) 2 1.8V
3 XEINT_9 GPX1.1 (#200) 4 XURXD_0 /dev/ttySAC0
5 XEINT_13 GPX1.5 (#204) 6 XUTXD_0 /dev/ttySAC0
7 GND 8 5V0

J5 - 2×2 pins(IO Port #2)
This socket is not provides at revision 0.3

Pin Number Net Name GPIO & Export No Pin Number Net Name GPIO & Export No
1 XSPICLK_1 GPB.4 (#21) 2 XSPICSN_1 GPB.5 (#22)
3 XSPIMOSI_1 GPB.7 (#24) 4 XSPIMISO_1 GPB.6 (#23)

LED Indicators

RED LED(D3)- Power

  • ON when it is Hooked up to 5V power.
  • OFF when it is not Hooked up to 5V power.


  • dimly solid on when u-boot is running.
  • blinking when Kernel is running(heart beat).

UART Console Connector

|Pin 4 - GND|
|Pin 3 - RXD|
|Pin 2 - TXD|
|Pin 1 - VCC|


Regulatory Compliance Documents

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