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 ===== ODROID-XU3 Boot Mode Configuration ===== ===== ODROID-XU3 Boot Mode Configuration =====
-ODROID-XU3 has a DIP-SW(SW1) to choose the boot media.+ODROID-XU3 has a switch, ​DIP-SW(SW1)to choose the boot media.
-**The boot configuration dip-switches must be set to boot from SD card.\\ +**The boot configuration dip-switches must be set to boot from the SD card.\\ 
-The device does not automatically fail-over to SD card if no eMMC is preset. ​+The device does not automatically ​default (fail-overto the SD card if no eMMC is preset. ​
 ** **
-<​WRAP ​center ​round tip 100%>+<WRAP round tip 100%>
 ^ SW1-1,2 ^ 1st Boot media ^ ^ SW1-1,2 ^ 1st Boot media ^
 | ON  ON | eMMC | | ON  ON | eMMC |
-| OFF ON | MicroSD card |+| OFF ON | [[odroid-xu4:​hardware:​xu3:​MicroSD]] card |
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 {{:​en:​others:​dip_sw_xu3_emmc.png?​500|eMMC Boot Mode}} {{:​en:​others:​dip_sw_xu3_emmc.png?​500|eMMC Boot Mode}}
-** MicroSD Boot Mode **+** [[odroid-xu4:​hardware:​xu3:​MicroSD]] Boot Mode **
 {{:​en:​others:​dip_sw_xu3_sd.png?​500|MicroSD Boot Mode}} {{:​en:​others:​dip_sw_xu3_sd.png?​500|MicroSD Boot Mode}}